MAG Encourages Local Restaurants To Try Live Music And Dining Experience

The Musicians’ Association of Gibraltar (MAG) is inviting local restaurants to try the live music and dining experience.

A spokesperson said: “MAG believes that having local musicians performing at local restaurants will benefit everyone. Music and food are two things that bring people together.  Enjoying a nice meal whilst listening to good music is a gratifying experience.

“We are calling all local restaurants and bars to join this initiative and work with us.  MAG will be happy to assist local businesses in bringing local music and also to advise them on the most adequate sound systems for their venue

“Our community is recovering from the economic impact we suffered from the virus and therefore it is important to enjoy local products.

“Please call or send a Whatsapp to 54029073 if interested or want to learn more about this initiative.  MAG also have an active page in Facebook too.”