National Register Of Residential Occupation To Combat “Benefits Tourism” In Gibraltar

The Government will set up a national Register of Residential Occupation to help identify those who set up “sham tenancies” in order to enjoy social benefits like healthcare and education in Gibraltar.

The announcement was made yesterday during the Chief Minister’s Budget address.

Mr Picardo said: “Having a generous provision of social benefits means that we must be ever vigilant against attempts by non-entitled individuals to take advantage of this, by renting Gibraltar property under sham tenancies to try and engage in a “benefits tourism” of our healthcare, education system and other successes. We should also be able to easily identify those unscrupulous individuals who would let their properties knowingly under these arrangements thereby increasing the cost burden to the taxpayer.”

He said the Government had conducted an in-depth study of unlawful lettings and a national Register of Residential Occupation, administered by Land Property Services would “immediately flag cases” where there is an attempt to register a tenancy against a property that already has an occupier taking benefits from it. 

He added: “It is only right and fair that we address this matter and allow no room for cheats or freeloaders. We can’t afford them: they don’t deserve it.”