EU Mandate Is Unacceptable Way Forward Says GSD

The GSD says the EU Mandate to open negotiations for a Treaty on a Future Relationship with the EU “does not provide a basis for a  future safe and beneficial agreement for Gibraltar “.

A statement from the GSD follows below:

It goes well beyond certain unsatisfactory aspects of the Framework Agreement announced on New Year’s Eve which  the GSD has pointed out.  

Any deal designed along the basis of this Mandate would deliver major political and economic competences and  controls to Spain. It would undermine our rights as a people as well as our sustainability and ability to run our affairs.  It would in effect give Spain a legal and economic role in our affairs. The measures envisaged would amount to practical  concessions on sovereignty, jurisdiction and control.  

The Mandate would see Spanish border guards (policia nacional) and customs officers (Guardia civil) in Gibraltar at the  airport, port and be given the right to patrol our waters. It would give Spain competences on residence in Gibraltar as  well as immigration. It would also hand economic controls to Spain on a number of fronts forcing Gibraltar to align  itself with Spanish taxes as well as controlling prices in Gibraltar, imposing VAT, require membership of a non-bespoke Customs Union and control economic activity and inward investment. 

Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi said: “There is no way a deal can be done on that basis as Spain could control  what and who comes in and out and what happens politically or economically. This would be as good as handing the  keys of Gibraltar to Spain and leaving us to their mercy.”