GSD: Minister Daryanani “Needs to Get Serious”

The GSD says that, while it welcomes the inaugural arrival of the MS Borealis, Minister Daryanani’s statement at the end of his press release is “pitiful.”

Damon Bossino, the shadow Minister for Tourism said:

“It ill behoves a Minister to have come up with such a childish, unwarranted and wholly inaccurate statement about alleged inconsistencies as to the things I have said about the Tourist Board CEO. The reality is that he does so as a ploy to divert attention from his non replies on important issues which impact on his department and Gibraltar as a whole.

“Minister Daryanani needs to mature politically and explain to the Gibraltarian public (1) what specific plans he has for the airline industry; (2) make a clear, clarifying, statement on the Sea Breeze barge and (3) state what is happening with the CEO post. That would be a good start and rather than childishly stooping to non-sensical, inaccurate jibes which are not even funny, nor clever, as he has clearly attempted them to be. This is too serious and quite frankly for what he has produced by way of reply, I would have counselled a continuing state of silence.”