Chief Minister: Hassan Nahon Has “Used Language Of Unprecedented Aggression”

Reacting to the latest statement from Together Gibraltar, the Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, said:

“In recent statements, the leader of Together Gibraltar, Marlene Hassan Nahon, has used a language of unprecedented aggression to describe the Government of Gibraltar.

“She has referred to us as ‘disgusting’, as ‘kleptocrats’ (that is to say ‘thieves’), who are ‘putting their hands into the taxpayers coffers’. She has said we are ‘authoritarian’. She has said I am a ‘bully’ a ‘psychological abuser’ and that I am ‘unhinged’ and ‘dangerously out of touch with reality’.

“Remarkably, all those are direct quotes from Ms Hassan Nahon’s press releases and they speak for themselves as to her attitude and approach. This is name-calling, pure and simple. There is no substantive debate of policy which is advanced by that level of unnecessary insult. The Government will not engage further at this level of debate. We will continue to deal with issues of substance, including ability to lead this community, but we will not descend to the level of name-calling seen in Ms Hassan Nahon’s recent statements.”