Opposition Seeking To Mislead And Confuse Says Government

The Government says they “very much regret the tone and the content” of the latest statement on the Caleta Hotel development issued by the Opposition.  

A statement from the Government follows below:

It is clear that their only objective seems to be to confuse and mislead public opinion.  

The Opposition have shown considerable disrespect and contempt for the public, for the planning  process and for the DPC. Members of the DPC, whether Ministers or not, are expected to  give their views on this or on any development in meetings of the Commission and not at the  whim of any Opposition spokesman.  

The Opposition must understand that the final shape of any project will not be known until it has  gone through the planning process. It is therefore a waste of time to become heated up about this  or any planning application because the final project may end up being completely different.  Indeed, this is exactly what happened the last time that a development on that site was  considered.  

The fact remains that this is a private development on private land and therefore the  standard landlord issues do not arise.