GSD File 100+ Questions To Ministers

The GSD says their MPs have filed over 100 questions to Government Ministers for the meeting of Parliament this week. 

A statement from the GSD follows below:

The  questions span diverse areas such as health, public finances, employment, housing, the environment, social services,  land deals or education. 

The questions are being uploaded on GSD social media sites today 

Leader of the Opposition Keith Azopardi said: “We keep pressing Government on important questions of concern to  people – from opaque land deals to healthcare; the delayed housing schemes to public counters and the basic  administration of public services or cleaning. We will hold them to account on issues and seek information so that  people are aware what is happening on matters that affect them every day. We have previously uploaded our  questions onto our GSD social media sites and are doing so again to make it easier for people to follow the session.  This is also an overdue reform of Parliament because people should be able to have online access on the parliament  website to the specific agenda of questions so they can more easily participate in the session. A GSD Government  would ensure that the specific agenda of questions is on the parliament website.”