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GSD Says Government “engaged in side-tracking from Inquiry hearing”

The GSD says that the Government’s “latest irrational and angry statement” is “built on falsehoods and is nothing other than a bare- faced attempt at turning the tables from itself, on to the Opposition and away from the Inquiry hearing that has started today.” 

A statement continued: “This is nothing other than raw party politics which is laying out in the open a stricken government which is now in full panic mode. 

“People know this and the Government is all too aware of its failure and this is why it has sought to start on a personal smear campaign against the Leader of the Opposition. 

“To be clear. What is at stake here has absolutely nothing to do with the Leader of the Opposition and everything to do with Mr Picardo and the Government he leads, both of whom are facing very serious allegations. The Chief Minister’s and not the Leader of the Opposition’s reputation is under scrutiny. No amount of personal attacks will pull the wool over people’s eyes. 

“In reality Mr Picardo does not welcome this Inquiry. If he did he would not have convened it 18 months after he promised it and so late that it was impossible to be held before the last election. 

"His repetition that the GSD sought to invoke direct rule is false and Mr Picardo knows it but that does not stop him from repeating the assertion, in the hope, no doubt, that repetition will make it true. 

“The Inquiry needs to be allowed to do its job and not be side-tracked by party-politically motivated statements which many are cynically viewing as an attempt at deflecting attention from the statements which are being made at the hearing.”