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May 08 - Queen Defends Gibraltar Sovereignty in Parliament Opening Speech

text news During Her Majesty the Queen’s speech at the annual opening of the UK Parliament this morning, she touched upon the issue of the sovereignty of the UK’s Overseas Territories. Commenting on the matter, the Queen noted, ‘My government will ensure the security, good governance and development of the Overseas Territories, including by protecting the Falkland Islanders’ and Gibraltarians’ right to determine their political futures’. A speech is read by the Queen annually from Throne in the House of Lords. All members of Parliament and the House of Lords are present at the event, which usually sees Her Majesty outline the Government’s policies for the new parliamentary session.

The Government of Gibraltar warmly welcomed the Queen’s statement, this afternoon, with the Chief Minister stating, ‘the people of Gibraltar will be delighted to have seen this reference to Gibraltar in Her Majesty's speech to Parliament today. The explicit defence of the right of self determination of the people of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands has also been set out explicitly in the Mid-term Review, which demonstrates the fact that the work that we are doing with the Coalition Government in the UK is bearing fruit and progressing Gibraltar's cause.’