May 10 PDP Welcomes New Power Station

Gibraltar Power StationThe PDP have said that they welcome the long awaited announcement from the present administration concerning the new natural gas power station to be constructed at the North Mole. They also note that the news has also been welcomed by the ESG who, they said, “seem to have been consulted and are happy with the improvement in noise and air pollution in residential areas that the new plant will ensure once the old stations are decommissioned.”

The PDP say that, given that the new power station will be located on the North Mole, the residents in neighbouring areas will receive the necessary comfort and assurances so that they feel completely comfortable that one nuisance is not being replaced with another.

The PDP repeated that they had for years been highlighting the urgent need to address Gibraltar’s power generation problem as a priority. They said Gibraltar’s generating capacity and aging grid are under increasing pressure to provide an uninterrupted supply. They stressed that this was “a basic and essential service that Gibraltar requires for both the domestic and business user in a modern society.”

The PDP stated that they would encourage the Government to take immediate steps to address the causes of the “continuous and regular power cuts that are being experienced by people and businesses alike.”

They argue that, “In this day and age, they are inexcusable for a modern finance centre.”

The PDP has also challenged the Government to explain what it is doing to upgrade the grid and switching stations which seem to be the causes behind the power cuts being experienced recently.

They concluded by adding: “A modern, reliable and uninterrupted power supply for the benefit of Gibraltar is urgently required and 16 months into their first term these emergency measures should have been addressed.”