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Oct 02 - GSLP Youth Congratulates Students Selected For UN Trip

The GSLP Youth Section would like to congratulate all six students who have been selected to travel to the United Nations Committee of 24 - New York and Washington, under the program which was promised in the GSLP manifesto in 2011. This is, they say, another example of how the Government, is continually fulfilling Manifesto commitments which, in turn, are having “huge positive effects on the people of Gibraltar.”

A spokesperson said: “We would like personally congratulate the winners:  Thomas Ramagge, Roger Cabral from the College; Ryan Robba and Thomas Blagden from Bayside and; Aysha Panter and Cristina Gonzalez from Westside.

“They will be travelling to Washington Centre, where they will meet up with other Gibraltar students on internships. Then they will be attending and be present at the Chief Minister’s address to the 4th Committee of the United Nations.

“This is undoubtedly a fantastic idea, which not only will see the Government of Gibraltar complete yet another of their objectives, but undoubtedly one which will be highly beneficial and educational for the students who will be attending.  To learn firsthand about the work and the role of the United Nations in the decolonization of Gibraltar is an experience of a lifetime. We are extremely proud to endorse this initiative, as it will serve as a source of raising awareness about this topic locally and will hopefully be the start of many successful trips to the UN by Gibraltarian students.”