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Mar 11 - Government: GSD “Again Demean” Giraldi Home Abuse Allegations

The Government says that the recent statement by the GSD on the issue of bullying allegations is a “staggering reflection of their inability to understand” the depth of the problems they presided over and perpetuated whilst in office and their repercussions on vulnerable people's lives.

The Government repeats that it is dealing with the bullying allegations recently made against a civil servant in keeping with the policies and procedures applicable under the Anti-Bullying legislation which the GSD “ironically failed to support” in Parliament last month.

The statement from Number 6 continues:

These are procedures introduced by the GSLP/Liberal administration and in keeping with those generally in use by large employers. These procedures are modeled on those in place in the UK public sector and are designed to provide independence in decision making for the benefit of both the person against whom the allegations are made and those making them.

The involvement of the Chief Minister, which the GSD also criticise, was only because those making the allegations met with him in the first instance. The matter was immediately passed by the Chief Minister to the Chief Secretary, as it is a civil service matter. If the Chief Minister had not acted, the Opposition would be criticising for him not acting.

Finally, the GSD fail to grasp the difference between complaints of bullying made against a civil servant as opposed to complaints of abuse made by vulnerable adults who are in the care of the Government.

Bullying in the workplace can now be dealt with in accordance with established guidelines, despite the GSD failing to support the relevant legislation. There will be many instances of such complaints to investigate now that the GSLP/Liberals have had the courage to legislate and set up protocols to deal with the issue in the public sector.

The sort of abuse that was complained of in relation to the Giraldi Inquiry is of a totally different nature and that did merit a public investigation. Mr Feetham seems to think that it was OK for the GSD not to inquire publicly into those allegations of abuse of vulnerable adults, but wants to now mount a "cause celebre" in relation to a case of bullying for his own transparent political aims. He clearly has not grasped the massive difference between one and the other and that says a lot about his values which will not be lost on anyone.