Officers Mark 5 Years In Search Team

A number of Licensed Search Officers (LSOs) have received certificates to mark  their completion of five years in the RGP’s Search Team. 

A statement from the RGP follows below:

The College of Policing certificate was presented by COP Richard Ullger and  Superintendent Nolan Romero in the Commissioner’s Suite. 

The recipients of the certificate were: PS Stewart Stone, PC John Paul Gonzalez,  DC Caitriana Parker, PC David Bragg, PC Anabell Santos, PS James Rodriguez, PS  Donovan Galia and PS Jonathan Goodson (not present). 

In addition, PS Stone has been at the helm of the team as a Police Search Advisor  (PolSA) for five years. 

Prior to joining the specialist department, Licensed Search Officers must  successfully pass an intensive 5-day course approved by the UK's College of  Policing. 

The LSOs are used to help clear buildings, find missing persons and recover  evidence – and often work together with LSOs from the Gibraltar Defence Police.