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Miss Gibraltar Contestants 2022

The Miss Gibraltar contestants had their first meeting with the production team followed by a press conference at the Commonwealth Park yesterday evening. 

A spokesperson for Miss Gibraltar said: "Everyone is excited and looking forward to the month’s ahead leading up to the show. Stay tuned for all the insight on the different activities that the contestants will be involved in!"


Below follows this year's contestants:


Sarah Cruz - 26

Sarah has joined because when she was a young girl she always aspired to be Miss Gibraltar and feels that she owes it to her younger self and try and achieve it.




Katherine Hahn - 17

Katherine has joined as she’s always wanted to show women empowerment and be more confident.




Mia Peach - 21

Mia has joined as she believes she has the qualities a Miss Gibraltar should have.





Jaylynn Cruz - 26

Jaylynn had joined to live a once in a lifetime opportunity. Encouraged by her mum who joined years ago.





Faith Torres - 22

Faith has joined as she believes pageants give women the perfect opportunity to show not only their physical beauty, but their intelligence and potentials.





Rebecca Davis - 20

Rebecca has joined as it has always being a dream of hers and she thinks this is a great opportunity for personal growth.





Skyanne Pratts - 20

Skyanne has joined as its always been at the back of her head, so shes decided to go for it to boost up her confidence.





Michelle Desoiza - 23

Michelle has joined to challenge herself in this new venture and use this platform to act as a role model to the future generation.





Celine Mor - 19

Celine has joined as since a little girl her dream was to join Miss Gibraltar.





Sabrina Wahnon - 20

Sabrina has joined to boost up her confidence and to live the experience.





Zuleima Molina - 17

Zuleima has entered as it has always been a dream of hers and also to boost up her confidence.





Shyanne Macintosh - 23

Shyanne has joined as she thinks having previously taken part in a pageant, she is aware of the confidence boost this can give you and all the personal and mental growth it can bring.