Royal Gibraltar Regiment Reservist In Chile

Captain Kenny Alvarez, a B Coy reservist, has just returned from a two week deployment to the Republic of Chile where he has been an instructor at El Centro Conjunto Para Operaciones de Paz De Chile (CECOPAC).  

A statement from British Forces Gibraltar follows below:

As part of this year’s deployment, Capt Alvarez, who has taken part on six previous  occasions, delivered lessons as an instructor for the United Nations school in  Santiago for troops on pre-deployment training. 

The training consisted of delivering basic media communications, security within the  base, dealing with unexploded ordnance, extraction from a mine field, both in a  vehicle and by foot, and helping with Road Traffic Accidents and First Aid.  

Capt Alvarez, who currently works as a HM Customs Officer, said: “Being on shift  allows me ample time be able to conduct this type of training with the Regiment.  

I thoroughly enjoy teaching, particularly as this will have a positive effect on those  deploying on peace support operations.” 

On this deployment, Capt Alvarez was awarded a certificate for demonstrating  professionalism, hard work and dedication as an instructor.