Government Relaunches Pedal Ready Programme

The Minister with responsibility for Transport, Paul Balban, delivered certificates to all successful participants of the Pedal Ready Level 1 summer programme at the Eco Festival event held on Saturday.  

A statement from the Government follows below:

Pedal Ready Level 1 (Gibraltar) is a course which aims to promote safe and responsible cycling in  Gibraltar, as per the recommendations of the Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan  (STTPP). 

The programme was rolled out during the course of the summer and offered the Level 1 Course to  51 children of different ages. Initially, the course was geared for children in Year 6. However, after  having received interest from children of all ages, the course was modified to offer the programme  to as many children as possible, allowing children as young as five to take part. 

Pedal Ready offers cycling proficiency courses to help improve cycling skills. Level 1 demonstrates  how to start, pedal and stop with control, how to use gears and change direction to avoid objects,  how to look around you and control the bike with one hand, as well as how to share space with  pedestrians and other cyclists. One of the key factors that encourages bicycle use is user  confidence. Having the necessary skills is vital to promoting cycling as a sustainable means of  transport.  

The Minister for Transport,the Hon Paul Balban, said:“I am delighted to have seen the Pedal Ready programme relaunched for the first time since the Covid-19 Pandemic. It was great to see the children learning the basic skills of cycling and acquiring the confidence, knowledge and understanding on how to ride a bicycle. Pedal ready is aimed to try and make children more proficient in cycling and is part of HM Government of Gibraltar’s’ commitment to improve health, seek healthier lifestyles and pave the way for a greener Gibraltar. I would like to thank the children who took part in this programme, the Pedal Ready team of instructors and volunteers for their enthusiasm and support on this very important project and the organisers of the Eco Festival. This would have not been possible without them”.