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GSD Meet With GGCA

The GSD met with the GGCA this morning to discuss issues concerning their members in civil service departments and other public sector bodies, agencies or authorities. The GSD was represented at the meeting by Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi, and Damon Bossino MP.

Keith Azopardi said: “As we have mentioned on other occasions we have been actively meeting representative groups across our community. Positive engagement with the GGCA is not only welcome but necessary so that a future GSD Government can positively tackle the issues of concern of members, enhance the public service, reform and modernise it and obtain better value for money for the taxpayer. Many civil servants feel let down by this Government and understandably so. They are not being allowed to deliver the service the public hopes for in a number of areas through no fault of their own but rather because the Government has sat on some public sector reform issues for many years. Civil servants are rightly frustrated. We hope to continue to engage positively with GGCA in future.”