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Disability Society Pleased By Preparation For Sections 13 & 14 Of The Disability Act

The Disability Society says it is pleased to see the Government working with the business community to prepare for Sections 13 and 14 of the Disability Act but have highlighted that the steps currently being taken “could, and should have been, started when the Disability Act was first implemented”.

A statement from the Disability Society follows below:

The Disability Society is extremely proud to have been the driving  force behind the Disability Act (2017). It is a great honour to have  the Act affectionately referred to as "Agnes' Law", in honour of our  late Chairperson Agnes Valarino. 

The Society is pleased to see the Government working hard with the  business community to prepare for the effect Sections 13 & 14 of the  Act will have. However, the Society feels that these steps which are  

currently being taken by Government could, and should have been, started when the Disability Act was first implemented or in the 5  years since; something we have, on numerous occasions, publicly  called for. The Society sincerely hopes this is a sign of the imminent  implementation of Section 13 & 14 meaning the Disability Act will  finally be complete. 

The Society would further suggest the Equal Opportunity Act should  be extended to also apply to the provision of services to persons with  disabilities. The collapse of the Government's Supported  Employment for persons with disabilities is also a huge concern. A  Supported Employment Company, run by qualified staff would have  the ability to advise employers, as well as support those with  disabilities in our community who are desperate to find jobs. The  fact that Minister Bossano did not acknowledge the Disability  Society's offer to meet and share our expertise did not bode well for  Supported Employment at its conception. 

The Disability Society cannot encourage the business community  enough to take up any offer of support or information from the  Ministry of Equality, the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses, or the Chamber of Commerce.  

Equality and inclusion are the only way forward!