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St Anne’s Upper Primary School Celebrates The End Of A “Project Based Learning” Cycle

Year 6’s at St Anne’s Upper Primary School have spent the last two weeks working on a Young Enterprise project for Primary aged students called “DIY Fiver Challenge”. 

A statement from the Government follows below:

As part of the challenge children had to think of a potential business idea that they could develop with just a hypothetical £5 each to begin with. Children had to then do market research on the viability of the business, design their own business logo and name, write a business plan, deliver a sales pitch and finally create their own Business Stall for St Anne’s very own business fair. 

The programme saw the children have master-classes with business experts as well as past and present Young Enterprise teams from the locally well known Company Programme offered to six formers at the comprehensive schools. 

The children did not disappoint and the standard achieved was incredible! The whole school was delighted when they got to visit the Business stalls. The excitement and energy in the school was palpable by all. Businesses ranged from comic books, hand-made fidget toys, sea glass jewellery, spray painting of shoes and clothes, clay and crochet crafts to grave polishing! 

Supporting business advisors had the following to say: 


Kieron Becerra (Business owner/ Finance Director/ Young Enterprise Business advisor): 

I was very impressed by the variety of business ideas and the work put into their businesses and their stands. It was evident that some of the teams had done their market research and had dedicated theirtime to their business ideas including producing business plans. There were a number of business ideas which were notable, practical and very sellable, which could do very well in the real world, and led by very charismatic and enthusiastic team members. I met a lot of potential future entrepreneurs. Congratulations to all the teams. 


Louise Goncalves (Business owner, Tax advisor & lecturer): 

The idea of running this type of project for this age group is beneficial on so many levels and it was apparent when returning today to see the business stalls. The awareness and knowledge they have absorbed in such little time was an eye opener. The team work and presentation skills some displayed, as well as the

enthusiasm and energy in the room was amazing. There were some fantastic ideas making the most of gaps in the markets combined with maximising skills and knowledge they already had in different areas. A lot of effort in presentation and research and many teams were well prepared to answer questions on their business plan as well as attract you to their stall. The enthusiasm and interest shown is a credit to the project, I wish we would have had this available when I was their age. I look forward to the next one. 


Elaine Borg Head of Year 6 : 

It has been a pleasure watching the children become entrepreneurs, the amount of information they have absorbed over the last two weeks is astonishing and the personal growth of students has been astounding. Children have developed skills that they will carry with them for life. They now have a much better idea and understanding of the way business works aswell as valuing team-work, passion and commitment to a long-term project. Some children really went over and above what we expected from them initially and as teams developed, it pushed other teams to step up their game; The results spoke for themselves with children becoming fluent in business terminology, using marketing strategies to attract potential customers, talking about their profit margins, creating prototypes etc. 

As a team we have evaluated the project and already have lots of ideas of how to make the experience even more meaningful for next year’s cohort- the St Anne’s Business Fair will be BIGGER and BETTER! 

Prizes, sponsored by the Local Young Enterprise Committee , were awarded for the following categories: 

  • Most sustainable business 
  • Best Logo 
  • Best Business stall 
  • Most innovative business 
  • Most inspiring Individual 
  • Best Sales Pitch 

Best Team