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First Meeting of Select Committee on People with Disabilities

The Select Committee on People with Disabilities met for the first time on Monday 5th February in the Parliament Chamber. 

The Select Committee is chaired by the Minister for Equality, Employment, Culture and Tourism, the Christian Santos. Gemma Arias-Vasquez, John Cortes, Damon Bossino and Atrish Sanchez also form part of the Committee. 

The Select Committee discussed general housekeeping matters as well as the programme of work which will include reviewing legislation, and other matters that impact the lives of people with disabilities. The aim is to identify and report, on a cross-party basis, on issues which require addressing to ensure that the lives of individuals with special needs and their families are properly and adequately catered for in the medium to long term. 

Additionally, the Select Committee, in due course, will be providing members of the public, civil society, groups and associations an opportunity to make written or oral submissions which will assist it in making its Report to Parliament. The Select Committee may also call on expert witnesses to give evidence. 

The Select Committee on People with Disabilities is scheduled to meet again in six weeks’ time.