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Her Worship Hosts Religious Leaders For Joint Unity Statement

Her Worship the Mayor, Ms Carmen Gomez GMD, hosted Religious Leaders for a discussion at City Hall.

A statement from the Office of the Mayor follows below: 

The Right Reverend Carmel Zammit – Roman Catholic Bishop of Gibraltar  Canon Robin Gill – Church of England  

Rabbi Ronnie Hassid – Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Gibraltar Imam El Mokhalfi – Imam of Jebel Tarik Mosque 

Reverend Conrad Hicks – Methodist Minister of Gibraltar  

Mr Sunil Chandiramani – President of the Hindu Community of Gibraltar Pastor Sergio Revelli – Evangelical Alliance  

They agreed on the following joint statement:  

We, the undersigned, gather as Gibraltar’s religious leaders, and alongside our highest civic  representative, Her Worship the Mayor Carmen Gomez GMD, in a spirit of community and  as an expression of the unity that exists in Gibraltar, those of faith and those who possess  none. On this unique occasion we would like to impress on our community never to take for  granted this wonderful ‘national treasure,’ namely, the harmony we enjoy as inhabitants of  our beautiful Rock. For this to endure and for its safeguarding we urge and encourage the  upholding of family values which have been passed from generation to generation, the basis  of which can be found in our respective faith traditions, to be imparted at home and in our  schools, and which engender the respect we have always shown each other. Let us together  resolve to maintain what has characterised Gibraltar and its people through the centuries  and what makes us who we are today.