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Girlguiding Gibraltar To Remain Part Of Girlguiding UK Under North West England Region

Girlguiding Gibraltar will remain part of Girlguiding UK under the North West England Region.

Below follows a statement from Girlguiding Gibraltar and Girlguiding UK: 

Girlguiding UK have today issued the following statement: 

We are pleased to share the news that Girlguiding activities in British Overseas Territories  will stay as part of Girlguiding. Guiding in these areas will be integrated into the structure  of the Girlguiding North West England region and be governed by senior volunteers and  staff in the region. There will be a transition period which will be completed by 1  September 2024. 

Over the past year, we have been working with senior volunteers in the 9 overseas  territories on a way forward for Girlguiding activities to continue. As a result, we have  agreed that Girlguiding North West England’s board of trustees and management  structure will provide support to, and oversight and assurance of, guiding organisations  in British Overseas Territories, as with their other areas of responsibility. A dedicated  resource within the Girlguiding North West England region, funded by the British Overseas  Territories, has also been agreed. 

We are delighted that members in British Overseas Territories can continue as part of  Girlguiding so girls can be themselves, feel at home, have fun and try new things – enjoying time with friends and encouraged by amazing volunteers. 

Thank you to our trustees, international commissioner, senior volunteers, commissioners,  members and staff who worked to develop a way forward for members in British  Overseas Territories to stay as part of Girlguiding. 

Tracy Foster, Emma Guthrie and Rachael Bayley 

Chief guide, international commissioner and director of membership services 



On 19th April 2023, Girlguiding UK announced that it would be ceasing its operations  overseas and closing its British Guiding Overseas (BGO) region due to cumulative risks of  operating across multiple countries each with their particular legal and operational  requirements. Since this date, members of the Caribbean and Atlantic County (of which  Gibraltar is a member along with 8 other British Overseas Territories) have been working to challenge the decision and find a pathway for our long guiding traditions to continue as  full members of Girlguiding UK. 


Statement from Girlguiding Gibraltar: 

Girlguiding Gibraltar has been supported by many in this work but specifically by His  Excellency Sir David Steel and FCDO officials, our Government through Chief Minister 

3a Alameda House 

Alameda Estate 

Redsands Road 


Fabian Picardo and the Ministers for Youth and Education the Hon. John Cortes, the Hon. Christian Santos, and predecessor the Steven Linares. We have also had firm support from  Dominique Searle and Guy Dumas at Gibraltar House who have followed all UK House of  Commons debates and DCMS meetings. And also the local media who have kept the  debate current and in focus. 

We are immensely grateful to the Board and team at Girlguiding North West England who  have worked with the Girlguiding UK project group to put a viable structure together. 

Thanks also to all our leaders, parents and members for their patience, support and faith  in a solution being found. We are excited to embark on this new era for Guiding on the  Rock and continuing to build Girlguiding as an offering for all our girls and young women.