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Royal Gibraltar Regiment Returns To Gibraltar Following Successful Ex Jebel Tarik Firing Camp

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment has concluded its annual firing camp, Ex JEBEL Tarik, in the UK and is now returning to Gibraltar after a successful and productive training exercise.  

A statement from British Forces Gibraltar follows below:

The Regiment's participation in Ex Jebel Tarik reaffirms its commitment to readiness,  preparedness, and excellence in defence.  

From February 27 to March 28, the Royal Gibraltar Regiment engaged in intensive training,  marksmanship drills, tactical exercises, and team-building activities as part of Ex Jebel Tarik.  

The firing camp provided an invaluable opportunity for the Regiment's personnel to enhance  their skills, assess their capabilities, and strengthen camaraderie within the unit.  

Commanding Officer of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Matt Moore, expressed his pride in the performance and dedication of all personnel during Ex Jebel  Tarik.  

He commended the Regiment for its professionalism, discipline, and commitment to  achieving operational readiness and excellence.  

The successful completion of Ex Jebel Tarik underscores the Royal Gibraltar Regiment's  ongoing commitment to maintaining a high state of readiness and operational effectiveness.  

The training and experiences gained during the firing camp will further enhance the  Regiment's capabilities and preparedness to fulfil its mission in defence of Gibraltar.  

As the Royal Gibraltar Regiment returns to Gibraltar, the unit looks forward to applying the  lessons learned and skills practiced during Ex Jebel Tarik to its ongoing operations and  future training activities.  

The Regiment remains steadfast in its dedication to serving the community of Gibraltar and  upholding its proud traditions of service and excellence.