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Annual Skin Cancer Screening Day - 12th May 2024

The GHA Dermatology Department will be re-instating its Annual Skin Cancer Screening Day at  the Primary Care Centre on Sunday 12th May 2024.  

A statement from the GHA follows below:

This initiative provides a unique opportunity for the public to have any notable skin lesions  checked out by the Dermatology Team and the visiting Consultant Dermatologist from the UK.  

If you are concerned about a new or undiagnosed pigmented changing growth please call the  Primary Care Centre 200 52441 between 1pm & 2pm to make an appointment with the Skin  Cancer Screening Clinic.  

Signs that could indicate possible skin cancer include:  

  • Irregular edges  
  • Rapid growth  
  • Bleeding  
  • Varied pigmentation  
  • Oozing  
  • Size over 5mm  

Please note that this initiative is aimed at looking at significant skin changes which could indicate  skin cancer and not for examination of chronic skin conditions. Please do not call for an  appointment if you have a long standing skin condition. The importance of protecting yourself  from sun exposure cannot be over-emphasised.  

The GHA will be offering 400 appointments on the 12th May on a first come first served basis. If  you call and appointments are no longer available, the GHA strongly encourages you to book an  appointment with a GP to assess any changes to your skin.

Director of Public Health, Dr Helen Carter said: “In a hot sunny climate like Gibraltar, it is  important to keep checking yourself for any changes to your skin. If you have any moles, or  patches of skin that are new or have changed in appearance, it is extremely important to have  these checked. Early detection of skin cancer increases your chance of survival”.  

GHA Director General, Kevin McGee, said: “The main role of the GHA is to ensure that Gibraltar  is healthy. These initiatives help to make that possible and we therefore ask that people use this  opportunity sensibly”.