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GGCA Does Not Support BCA Industrial Action

The GGCA says that while it respects decision of Unite members at the Borders and Coastguard Agency to undertake industrial action, such action is not supported by the GGCA, nor has the GGCA membership within the Borders and Coastguard Agency sought to discuss such actions with their representatives. 

A statement continued: “It is our objective, at this time, to facilitate a peaceful outcome for our members which preserves the vital service that the Borders & Coastguard Agency provides to Gibraltar, which is of utmost importance to the community and those who travel here by air, without the need for industrial action. Such action would have an inevitable and negative impact on the public and this is of particular relevance given the on-going treaty negotiations, wherein the airport has featured prominently in discussions. 

“The GGCA continues to engage with its membership, the leadership at the Borders & Coastguard Agency and HM Government of Gibraltar, with a view to gather as much information as possible and provide the best possible conditions for our members, whilst also respecting the impact that our decision-making will have on the public. 

“Lastly, we wish to thank the Borders & Coastguard Agency, who provide a vital service to Gibraltar and who work tirelessly in defence of our airport, frontier and port and who play a critical role with regards to our National Security. We are committed to supporting them in any way that we can and continue to adopt a collegiate and collaborative approach to protecting them, so that they can continue to protect others.”