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GSD questions whether ‘Rent and Repair’ scheme will see the light of day

The GSD has said that it was “remarkable” to watch the Minister for Housing answer questions on GBC yesterday on the ‘Rent and repair’ scheme. 

A statement continued: “In what appeared to be an alarming confession and a letting of the cat out of the bag she openly questioned whether the project was in fact viable, making the admission in the context of her statements that she was having to consult lawyers and ‘people around the table’ to see whether this particular initiative was going to get off the ground.”

Damon Bossino MP said : “This development comes as no surprise, given the lack of clear answers provided by the Minister in reply to questions in Parliament relating to, for example, who is going to be responsible for the outlay of infrastructural costs in areas of the Upper Town such as Road to the Lines. 

“This is a sorry state of affairs given that the GSLP was the incumbent government at the time of the election and should have done their homework in advance of making the electoral promise. The precise mechanics should have been analysed with the policy ready to go when they were returned to office. All of this has the hallmarks of being nothing other than another superficially attractive vote-catcher in order to dupe a sector of our society to vote for them. We hope this is not the case but would not be surprised if it was.”