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Promotion At Gibraltar Fire And Rescue Service

Following from a promotional board held at HMGOG Human Resources Department, Mr Liam Byrne has been promoted to Station Officer of the Fire Safety Department. 

A statement from the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service follows below:

Mr Liam Byrne joined the fire service in January 2000 and joined Blue Watch following his  recruit training program. During his time at Blue Watch, he successfully passed all his  statutory qualifications. In 2012 he took the decision to change paths from Operations and  transferred to the Fire Safety Department where he shortly after achieved promotion to  Leading Fire Fighter. 

During his formative years as a Fire Safety Officer, he attended the Fire Service College for  numerous courses, allowing him to become a competent Fire Safety Officer. These courses  included practical fire investigation, fire alarms and emergency lighting, fire safety in non residential and high-risk premises, sprinklers, building regulations and fire engineering  principles. 

Liam further developed himself by completing two of the IFE Level 4 exams in Civil  Emergencies and Disaster Management and in Leadership and Management. Liam became a  Graduate Member of the Institute of Fire Engineers in 2021. Furthermore, he has also been  actively involved in the running of the GFRS social media pages and website from the onset. 

As Station Officer in the Fire Safety Department Mr Byrne will now be responsible for the  management and development of the department’s daily activities involving entertainment  and leisure area licences, petroleum licences, community fire safety, events and fireworks, fire  hazards and providing fire safety measures for new building projects submitted through the  planning and building control process as part of the GFRS ethos of Prevention, Protection and  Response. 

The Chief Fire Officer, Colin Ramirez, said: “Station Officer Byrne is taking on a huge  responsibility as a leading figure within the GFRS Fire Safety Team and will be faced with the  challenges that a dynamic and modern Gibraltar now poses in firefighting and fire engineering  terms. He should be incredibly proud of himself, and I want to take this opportunity to  personally and on behalf of the Senior Management Team, congratulate him on his promotion  and wish him the very best going forward.” 

The Minister for the Fire Service, the Hon. Leslie Bruzon, said, “I am delighted to congratulate  Mr Liam Byrne on his well-deserved promotion to Station Officer. His journey from joining the  fire service in 2000 to becoming a leading figure in fire safety demonstrates his exceptional  dedication, skill, and commitment to protecting our community. This promotion reflects his  hard work and continuous pursuit of excellence. I wish him every success in his new role and  am confident he will continue to make invaluable contributions to the Gibraltar Fire and  Rescue Service. Congratulations, Station Officer Byrne!”