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Patuka Press Release Third Anthology Of Gibraltarian Writing

Patuka Press, a self-funded and independent publisher of Gibraltarian literature, has just released its third anthology of Gibraltarian writing in pamphlet form titled ‘Llanito’.
The anthology features nineteen pieces in English, Spanish and Llanito tackling Gibraltar’s identity, languages and culture.
It includes poems, stories, essays and memoirs by Sam Benady, Humbert Hernandez, Rebecca Calderon, Giordano Durante, Jackie Anderson, Gabriel Moreno, Jonathan Teuma, Mark Sanchez, Marisa Salazar, Barbara Durante, Charles Durante, Sophie Macdonald, David Alvarez, Davina Barbara, Liam John Ballester, Naomi Duarte, Oliver Canessa, Alexandra Sanabria Rivera and Alex Menez.
The volume was edited by Giordano Durante and Sophie Macdonald who have also written an introductory note. The cover was designed by the Gibraltarian artist Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga. 
The anthology runs to over 130 pages in paperback and can be purchased from Amazon or locally from BookGem and the Heritage Trust shop. Plans are already underway for a fourth issue.
Sophie Macdonald said: “I’m delighted to have been asked to help edit this edition by Giordano, and to see this excellent Patuka edition come together. It’s got some fantastic pieces by some really talented writers, and its pertinent theme is at the centre of many Gibraltarian lives.”