Feb 06 - Heritage Trust Backs Upper Town Repair Project

heritage trustThe Gibraltar Heritage Trust has welcomed the Government’s announcement regarding the release of old properties in the Upper Town for repair by owner/occupiers on a tender basis

The Trust insists that the area is in desperate need of a regeneration drive. They note that many of Gibraltar’s pre-war properties include a number of beautiful features including high-ceilings, fireplaces, bannisters etc.

A statement released by the Trust states, ‘A number of catalyst projects within the old town area such as the open air escalator at Engineer Lane and Castle Street beautification are taking this vision for of a thriving old town a step closer to reality as one of the issues of Upper Town living has always been access. The owner/occupier model is a good one but because of the specialist and sometimes complex nature of repairs required by buildings from this period, it is often not a straight forward repair job, but this should not put prospective buyers off. The reward of the completed project far outweighs the obstacles. In the Trust’s view, there is not one solution for the renewal of the upper town.

A combination of private investment in the form of tender schemes such as the recent Police Barracks tender, Government subsidy through tax incentives and investment by private individuals are in the Trust’s view a step in the right direction in giving our old town the investment it needs to ensure its survival.  Initiatives such as this one coupled with the forthcoming new heritage legislation will build a strong foundation for the survival of our urban heritage.’