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Feb 20 - RGP Superintendent on Command Course

supt mcgrailRGP Superintendent Ian McGrail is currently taking part in the Strategic Command Course at Bramshill, UK in order to prepare for future promotion to chief officer rank.

The course is being held by the ‘College of Policing’, which recently replaced the National Police Improvement Agency. The course comprises of three core modules: business skills, executive leadership skills and thirdly command skills. The delegates have been broken into five syndicates with each expected to work on projects as a team.

Superintendent McGrail enrolled on the course on the 7th of January 2013 following an introductory workshop in December of 2012.

Most recently, Superintendent McGrail has been in Scotland taking part in negotiating and influencing exercises as part of the ethics and integrity part of the leadership module. This meant having to negotiate the use of a fictitious £1 million pound budget with partner agencies; health, social services etc, in order to reduce alcohol related accident and emergency hospital admissions.

Superintendent McGrail will be completing the SCC in March graduating on the 15th of the month. Commissioner Eddie Yome will be in attendance at the invitation of the Policing College.