Apr 05 - Clean Up Initiative for Government Estates

minister balbanThe Government this week gave effect to commence it electoral commitment, “El Turno” which involves the cleaning of internal communal areas in large Government rental housing estates.

A number of approved contractors under the cleaning scheme have been tasked with the weekly cleaning of landings, lifts, staircases and other communal areas of residential blocks.

The ultimate objective is to make life easier for Government tenants who previously had to clean the communal areas themselves, when it was their turn, or who had to pay somebody else to do it.

The scheme has commenced in Glacis, Laguna, Alameda, Mid Harbour, Varyl Begg, Edinburgh House, Chilton Court and Moorish Castle Estates.

The programme will be monitored and funded by the Housing Department.

Commenting on the initiative, acting Housing Minister Paul Balban said, ‘this is a positive programme which is designed to clean, at Government expense, the internal communal areas of large Government rental housing estates. It will be helpful to Government tenants who will be able to enjoy the service at no extra cost. The Government in this way fulfils yet another of its electoral commitments’.