Sep 03 - Tourist Board Offers Souvenir Passport Stamp

souvenir stamp Gibraltar Tourist Board will soon be introducing a new voluntary passport souvenir stamp which visitors will be able to obtain as an official memento of their visit to the Rock.

The idea developed by locally based accountant Eran Shay, has also been conceived as an innovative promotional tool for the Gibraltar tourist product as it includes the GTB website address

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Sep 03 - Environment Department Expands with New Research and Monitoring Vessel

vessel Minister for the Environment, Dr. John Cortes, today unveiled the Department of the Environment’s newest asset, a ten metre cabin cruiser, dubbed 'Storm Petre'l. Dr. Cortes noted that the ship was a Research and Monitoring vessel primarily. He added that although the department does a lot of research already ‘it has to beg, steal and borrow’. Dr. Cortes went on to say that when the Department is deployed to carry out research or dives or to rescue birds, they will now be able to carry out their own work.  Also with the help of an additional RHIB to be called 'Darwin' the Department will be able to monitor what is happening in the surrounding waters, more extensively. 

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Sep 03 - Heritage Trust Concerned About North Gorge Eco Development

The Gibraltar Heritage Trust has added its voice to concerns regarding the future development of the North Gorge site. The Trust says it supports the recent concerns expressed by GONHS in relation to the preservation of the biodiversity and natural environment of this site and stresses that, in addition to the need to preserve and protect the natural heritage of this area, which is geologically unique, there are a “number of heritage features within the site which are of significance.

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