Aug 20 - Spanish Frontier Work to Disrupt Traffic Flow

frontier The Administrator of Customs on the La Linea side of the frontier has notified Gibraltar on the commencement of works that are set to ‘allegedly facilitate frontier flow in keeping with the recommendations of the EU Commission.’

The Government warns the public today that in order to assist in the period of the works, ‘considerable diversions will have to be put in place affecting traffic flowing into and out of Gibraltar.’ These will affect all traffic coming into and out of Gibraltar, including vehicular and pedestrians.

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Aug 19 - Tourist Board Dinner

The Gibraltar Tourist Board recently hosted a dinner at La Mamela for a group of visiting New Yorkers including Gina Casella, a well-known Italian-American businesswoman in the Big Apple and director of the tour operator Adriana Trigiani Tours. Gina explained that her company specialises in European trips and said that she was well acquainted with the Rock having spent time here in the mid 1990’s.

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