Apr 08 - Europa Point Stadium DPC Presentation Met with a Barrage of Objections

dpcPresenting their application for a Category 4 UEFA grade football stadium at Europa Point, to a packed DPC meeting this morning, the GFA and chief Architect for the project, Mark Fenwick insisted that following studies on a number of sites around Gibraltar, Europa Point has proven to be the only feasible option. Mr. Fenwick explained that converting the Victoria Stadium would encroach on sport facilities currently used by a huge number of people.

The applicants were adamant that FIFA regulations insist on a North – South pitch orientation, deeming Victoria Stadium’s current pitch unusable if the Association is to be accepted into FIFA. Commenting on the other possible sites suggested to the Association by the public during an extended public consultation period, Mr. Fenwick said that Devil’s Tower Camp is MOD owned and was met with access issues. Lathbury Barracks has significant access issues and has been deemed a Special Area of Conservation. The Eastside reclamation has too much commercial value. He added that the traffic study carried out by the applicants had validated Europa Point as a feasible option for the stadium, with three available access roads leading to it.

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