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Gibraltar Running Club Raises £100 For Charity

A group of runners from Gibraltar’s Carpe Diem Running Club raised £100 for charity to mark Global Running Day yesterday morning.

A statement from Carpe Diem Running Club follows below:

Sixteen runners set off at 6.15am to run a 5km route in aid of Cancer Relief Gibraltar.

Club runners who took part in the fundraiser were encouraged to make a donation to the charity.
The club then bought everyone hot drinks at The Bake and Take afterwards as a thank you for taking part in the event.
Club runners who could not make the early morning run took part in an afternoon run organised by the club instead.
Global Running Day is marked every year on the first Wednesday of June and encourages people to lace up their trainers and go for a run.

A spokesperson for the Carpe Diem Running Club, said: “We’d like to say a big thank you for everyone who got up early this morning to pound the pavements in aid of Cancer Relief.”

Founded in 2019, Carpe Diem Running Club Gibraltar is a club that prides itself on being inclusive. The club, who train around the Rock several times a week, welcomes runners of all paces, ages, nationalities and abilities.