Sep 01 - Gibtelecom Upgrades Mobile Services

Gibtel mobile customers can now achieve maximum speeds of up to 300Mbps on their mobile devices, depending on your mobile device, following network upgrades completed during August 2017.

“The upgrades form part of Gibtelecom’s continuous investment in and enhancement of communication networks”, said the Company’s CEO, Tim Bristow “with these latest mobile optimisation developments also augmenting some indoor coverage, depending on the location and circumstances of the building."

“Gibtelecom launched its 4G+ services in February 2016 at no extra cost to consumers, offering maximum speeds of 225Mbps at the time - thirty times faster than speeds achievable with 3G technology,” said Gibtelecom’s Technology Director, Jansen Reyes. “Since then over 50% of mobile data users have moved to using 4G+ data, which requires a change in SIM card and a 4G compatible mobile device in order to access the network."

He said people are increasingly reliant on data access on their mobile devices and consequently there had been a threefold increase in mobile data use in the 18 months since we launched 4G+.

A Gibtelecom spokesperson added: "If you still haven’t changed your SIM card to a 4G+ enabled SIM you can do so free of charge at Gibtelecom’s Customer Service Centre in John Mackintosh Square, or by applying online at If you are a regular user of mobile data we recommend you sign up to a mobile data plan or purchase a data bundle to get the best value. Details of available mobile plans are available on the Gibtelecom website."