Oct 31 - GibFibreSpeed Announces New Fixed Phone-Line Services For Existing And New Customers

GibFibreSpeed now offers its customers fixed telephone services. You can keep your existing telephone number or get a new one – you keep your existing handset (no need to change this!). This service is now available alongside its Fibre Internet and Fibre TV services.

There are no fixed line rental charges with our tel service.  This is available for all our packages as seen in the table below:

















Calls from GibFibreSpeed to GibFibreSpeed customers are FREE. If you wish to know more about our tariffs please visit: http://www.gibfibrespeed.com/fibrephone

In order to apply, existing customers should visit the GibFibreSpeed shop in Waterport Terraces and fill out a Tel Service application form. 

*Pensioners package available to over 65’s and proof of pensioners card must be provided.

For further information please contact GibFibreSpeed on:

Tel - 22500000

Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web – www.gibfibrespeed.com