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June 03 - Gib’s First URL Shortener Launched

justscreenJust Consulting are proud to announce the launch of Gibraltar's first URL shortener. As from today, the public will now be able to log in to lui.gi and change any long URL into a shorter, cleaner way of displaying links.

The website works on the same technology as other URL shorteners including bit.ly and even Google's own goo.gl systems. URL shorteners are used by businesses across the globe who want to provide neater and more compact links. The technology is also very popular among users of Twitter which operates a 140-character limit meaning that any links posted need to be as short as possible.

Just Consulting, the online creative agency here in Gibraltar said: "It's important that Gibraltar continues to create the same web services that support other online communities, regardless of our size and or population."

The site, which has just opened today, has already been used in excess of a hundred times in its first few hours as people are intrigued to see if it works well for their businesses.