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GSD Leadership Election: Azopardi Launches New 200-Day Programme

A statement from Keith Azopardi follows below:

When I was elected GSD leader in 2017 I set out an initial 200- day programme which laid the basis of  work to broaden our appeal, initiate fresh outreach into the community, grow the membership and  lead to the gains in popular support at the last election. The increase in support happened in large  measure because of that early groundwork. I have also dedicated myself tirelessly to that vision of  change, regeneration and the strengthening of the Party since then. 

This process has not been easy and the sacrifices that are required to lead a Party in Opposition cannot  be under-estimated. As Danny Feetham has often said being the Leader of the Opposition – especially  when the Party is low in the polls – is a very lonely job. 

I recognise that further steps need to be taken because that process of change is dynamic and because  we need to address lessons we must learn from the last election.  

On the 6-year anniversary of my election as GSD Leader on 30 November 2017 and as I did when I was  elected then I am setting out a new 200-day programme of commitments that I would initiate after 5  December 2023 if the Party backs my vision to finish what we started, renew our programme of  change and build on what we have achieved so far. 

The elements of the 200-day programme will cover areas such as communications, policy  development, interface with members, community outreach, internal democracy, candidate selection  and support, further growth of membership and provide a platform for new voices and diversity in a  modern representative GSD. This is all part of my centrist and progressive vision for the Party so we  can keep going forward not back. I hope members will back that vision. As I have said through this  campaign I believe that changing course will alienate support and we will not make it. 

The 200-day programme is a set of principles as well as specific measures. If we take all these steps I believe we will lay the foundations for greater success that builds on everything we have achieved so  far over the last 6 years and ensures we can win the next election.  



  • KEEP FIGHTING FOR CHANGE: New Campaign Team to be appointed from early  2024 
  • ROLLING OUT OUR MESSAGE: Effectively, robustly & clearly with an enhanced  Communications Strategy
  • KEEP BUILDING: our broad, modern, diverse and representative platform that  speaks for all sectors of our community 
  • SELECTION: New Candidate selection processes to be adopted by Executive  
  • NEW POLICY THINK TANKS: on Equality & Opportunity, Young People &  Public Services  
  • NEW VOICES ON EXECUTIVE: Chairs of GSD Future and Sub-Committees on  Equality & Opportunity & Public Services to have a seat on Executive 
  • WORKING WITH YOU: A New Activists Forum as from 2024 to help regular  interface with MPs and the Executive & listen to your views 
  • INTERNAL DEMOCRACY: Executive Elections in March 2024, a Party  AGM in May 2024 & Amendments to modernise Party Constitution 

• GRASSROOTS & OUTREACH: A refreshed programme of Grassroots Activity to  keep building support & Outreach into the Community & to meet associations