Lunar Walk To Take Place Friday 21st June

Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar is reminding the public of the Annual Lunar Walk, to be held on Friday 21st  June 2019.

Registration will be at Casemates as from 9pm and will be £5 for adults and free for children under 12.

A statement from Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar follows below:

This will take place at midnight, the route will lead up to and around the amazing setting of the airstrip at night. Finally returning to Casemates, accompanied by the stunning view of the iconic  Moorish Castle lit pink to celebrate and remember all our loved ones affected by this condition.

The pipers of the Sea Scout Band will open and then close the event.

The 2019 Lunar Walk will be our 12th Lunar Walk, we hope this event will prove to be as successful as other years in raising awareness and funds for a worthy cause that touches our community in many ways.

Breast Cancer Gibraltar would like to thank the public for its continuous support and generosity. Our Charity ensures that all the money raised through events or donations goes back into our Community by supporting individuals and organisations including the GHA in purchasing equipment and training professionals.

This Financial year the Charity has paid for the following in donations to local charities and equipment and machinery bought for the GHA:-

£120,090 for add-ons for the new mammography Machine.

£2,500 to set up clinic for the Multidisciplinary Team to meet.

The following for the Lymphodema clinic:

A lymph scanner meter to identify the oedema and moisture on the affected limp £3,335.

TV/Monitor for clinic so that the patients can  watch whilst having treatment, documentaries on lymphedema, to help them understand the role of the lymph glands and how they can help themselves.  £239.00

Sentimag Probe.  £24,412.00. 

This helps the Dr to identify which lymph is infected.  (Sentinel Lymph Node Probe) is to detect which node the tracer has travelled first. If the first gland is negative for cancer then no further treatment is needed for Axilla .

We also funded a Radiographer from UK  to come over to Gib  for a clinical update on radiography.  Total cost £1,191.50

Annual Donation of £500.00 was made to Breast Cancer now.

Annual Donation of £1000.00 was made to Gibraltar community Association.

Donation of £500.00 was made to Cancer Relief Centre.