Crime Report For Apr 2012

RGP Crime Report - Gibraltar NewsRGP Media Report for April

Throughout the month of April, the following arrests, crime reports, traffic incidents and arrests on strength of warrants were noted by the RGP:


28 persons arrested for Possession of a Controlled Drug

13 Persons arrested for Possession of a Commercial Quantity of Tobacco

2 Persons arrested for Attempted Exportation of Cigarettes

3 Persons arrested for being knowingly concerned in the exportation and attempted exportation of a commercial quantity of cigarettes.

4 Persons arrested for Importing a prohibited import

4 Persons arrested for breaching the conditions of a Tobacco Retail Licence

1 Person arrested for Offensive Conduct

2 Person arrested for Taking a Conveyance

5 persons arrested for Concealment of Tobacco

3 persons arrested for Indecent Assault

9 Person arrested for Causing Damage

1 Person arrested for Possession of a Firearm

1 Person arrested for Found Drunk

3 Person arrested for DUI

1 Person arrested for being in possession of a prohibited article.

10 Persons arrested for Theft

2 Person arrested for Threatening Behaviour

10 Persons arrested for Drunk & Disorderly

1 person arrested for Obstructing a Highway Enforcement Officer

2 persons arrested for Suspicion of Cruelty to Children

1 person arrested for Conduct Likely to Cause a Breach of the Peace

5 Person arrested for Violent Behaviour

2 Person arrested for Wounding

1 Person arrested for being In Gibraltar without a valid permit of certificate

2 Person arrested for Making off without payment

6 Persons arrested for Assault

2 Persons arrested for Burglary

1 Person arrested for Using a registration plate with intent to deceive

1 Person arrested for Obstructing Police

Crime Reports:

13 Reports of Causing Damage

9 Reports of Burglary

1 Report of Making off without payment

32 Reports of Theft

1 Report of Indecent Assault

11 Reports of Common Assault

2 Reports of Attempted Burglary

1 Report of Obstructing a Highway Enforcement Officer

4 Causing Damage

3 Reports of Taking a Conveyance

16 Reports of Using Insulting and Threatening Words

1 Report of Uttering a Counterfeit Currency

4 Reports of Threatening Behaviour

1 Report of Obtaining Property by Deception

2 Reports of Improper Use of Public Electronic Communications

1 Report of Robbery

1 Report of Wounding

Traffic Accidents:

During the period covered 32 traffic accidents were reported to Police


33 persons arrested on strength on warrants for Non Appearance

19 persons arrested on strength on warrants for Non Payment of fines

13 Persons arrested on strength of warrants

6 persons arrested on strength of Warrants issued by the Magistrate Court