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HM Customs Successfully Intercepts Illicit Tobacco Smuggling At Rosia Bay

In the early hours of the morning on the 10th of July, officers of HM Customs observed suspicious activity involving a vehicle entering Rosia Bay and delivering two large white fenders to a small vessel that had approached the quayside. 

A statement from HM Customs follows below:

This incident prompted immediate action from HM Customs officers. 

The officers, aboard HMC Sentinel, intercepted the Spanish-registered vessel, boarded it, and escorted it to Custom House for a thorough search, including the fenders that had been delivered. The operation took place under heightened vigilance due to the suspicious circumstances observed at Rosia Bay. 

The comprehensive search conducted at Custom House uncovered a commercial amount of tobacco. Approximately a total of 72 cartons from various brands and 180g rolling tobacco were found concealed within the interior of the fenders, which had been deliberately modified to serve as hiding places for the contraband. 

The two individuals on board the vessel were promptly arrested and have since been placed on bail. Both the vessel and the tobacco have been seized as part of the ongoing investigation. 

The Collector of Customs, John Payas said ‘HM Customs remains vigilant and committed to combating smuggling and protecting the integrity of Gibraltar’s borders. The successful interception and seizure underscore the dedication and effectiveness of HM Customs officers in preventing illegal activities.’