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The Fetishist – New Novel By M. G. Sanchez Released

Gibraltarian author M. G. Sanchez has just published a new novel.

The Fetishist is the story of Nathan Holgado, a ‘more-British-than-the-British’ Llanito who travels to post-Brexit Britain to visit the birthplace of his British great-great-great grandfather.

The book’s blurb contains an endorsement from Alastair Niven, a two-time Booker prize judge and past president of English PEN, who describes M. G. Sanchez as “a superb and diverse author” and “one of the most underrated novelists writing in English today.”

The Fetishist is a dark but funny novel,’ Mark told YGTV, ‘and deals with all sorts of topical issues – nationalism, flag-waving, the Brexit mindset, as well as the way some Gibraltarians appropriate British military history as their own, sidelining their own Gibraltarian social history in the process.’   

The Fetishist will be officially launched at an event at the University of Basel in Switzerland on 24 November, while on 8 December Mark will be delivering one of the keynote presentations at the 2nd International Barcelona Conference on the Arts, Media and Culture.

Mark has also received further invitations to speak about his work at universities and cultural bodies in the US, the UK, Italy, Spain and Malta. ‘International interest in Gibraltarian writing is definitely growing,’ he said, adding that he hoped to get the chance to present his novel in Gibraltar one day.

In a separate development, Ariel: A Review of International English Literature, a prestigious literary journal printed by Johns Hopkins University Press, recently published a 12-page interview with Mark under the title ‘Somewhere between the Colonial and the Postcolonial: An Interview with Gibraltarian Author M. G. Sanchez.’

Paperback and kindle copies of The Fetishist can be purchased from Amazon on this link.  Details of M. G. Sanchez’s upcoming talks – some of which will be held online and open to the public – will be published over the next few weeks on his Facebook page.