The GSLP/Liberals Prepare Their Programme For 2019-2023

The GSLP Liberals have today confirmed that work on the Alliance’s manifesto for the next four years is now nearing completion.

Fabian Picardo, Leader of the GSLP, explained that, “What we are working on is a programme that builds on all the massive steps this community has taken in the last eight years.  This is a programme that consolidates the legacy of the work we have done to date and builds on it to the advantage of every generation of Gibraltarians.  For the GSLP Liberals, this phase of the election cycle which we refer to as a pre-campaign, allows to take stock of everything we have achieved and, importantly, of the context in which we have achieved it.  We are working across the party in fine tuning ideas we have been working on for the past four years since the last manifesto went to print.  We are putting the finishing touches on an exciting but prudent programme for the next forty eight months of Government.

“It is a source of much pride for us that we have been able to deliver on such a substantial proportion of the many ambitious targets we had set for ourselves in both 2011 and 2015.  We knew we were looking at a few years during which the attention of much of the leadership team in Government was going to be spent on Brexit related matters - but that hasn’t stopped the team from delivering very substantially!”

The Leader of the GSLP continued:  “The GSLP is proud that on some projects we have even managed to deliver so much more than even we had envisaged.  Looking through our excellent manifesto for 2015 as a reference point for all the things we’ve done in the last four years, we see images of one planned comprehensive.  Those images, ironically, are nowhere near as good as the finished project for TWO new comprehensives which we all see as we drive along Waterport Road.  It truly is remarkable.”

The Leader of the Liberal Party, Dr Joseph Garcia, said that it was a very important moment for the party and for the Alliance.  Dr Garcia said: “Along with our friends and family in the GSLP, the Liberal party is looking forward to continuing to be trusted and to serve our people with a re-newed and refreshed mandate on October 18th to make Gibraltar be the best that it can be.  As Fabian has often said, we are working hard today, to honour our past and to secure our future, the future of all generations of Gibraltarians.   We are paying forward our good fortune and the fruits of the labour of all Gibraltarians.  We are shattering the glass ceiling of Brexit to emerge on the other side of October 31st – or whenever, if Brexit happens - better, stronger, and more confident than ever before.”