GSD: “If Freedoms Aren’t Restored When We Are At Zero Cases Then When?”

The GSD says the Government's decision to not allow visits to care homes by unvaccinated people is "political".

A statement from the GSD follows below:

The concerns of families are not being blown out of all proportion by the GSD. The Party has had numerous complaints  from families in anxious and stressful situations because they are being unreasonably denied or restricted access to see  their loved ones even though they are willing to take a COVID test or take other precautions 

Is the measure really being taken on public health advice and if so what is the nature of the advice given that the UK Government has made clear that unvaccinated people can visit elderly relatives in care homes? The UK is making its  decisions on public health grounds and has access to a wider team of experts and specialists. Is the Gibraltar Government  saying that the UK is being cavalier and wrong in setting those rules? What is the case for disagreeing with the UK public  health advice on this issue? The truth is that usually the Government follows a public health lead from the UK and the  decision to hold back here is political and now increasingly evident given the publication of UK rules allowing visits by  unvaccinated people.  

The Government needs to get off its high horse instead of thinking that because the GSD has raised this issue they cannot  possibly give in and make changes that benefit families. The issue may be affecting a minority of Gibraltar residents but  that is not a good reason to trample on their rights and ban or restrict them from visiting their loved ones. If they cannot  do so now that we are at zero cases and freedoms will not be restored when will they be?