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Apr 07 - Fair To Be Held On Old Naval Grounds – Government

The Government has confirmed that this year’s fair will again be held on the old Naval Grounds. The Government also claims that the Opposition “has no compunction in causing uncertainty by spreading the rumour” that this year’s fair might be moved away from the Naval Grounds.

According to the Government, in January, the Opposition asked in Parliament about the possible use of Grand Parade as the venue for the fair this year. The answer given at the time was that no decision had yet been taken and that a number of different locations were being considered.

The Government says that the Opposition should have clarified the latest position with the Government before “stirring up the issue again.”

The Government says that the move by the GSD has meant that a “considerable amount of uncertainty” has been created about a possible move of the fair to Grand Parade when no such move will take place. However, the Government argues that the GSD did not show any “similar concern” for the neighbours when it located the fair in other areas near residential zones. The town area, Mid-Harbour Estate, Edinburgh House Estate and Kings Wharf are all areas which had the fair established near them but which were “not consulted” by the GSD at any time. The Government has described the Leader of the Opposition’s motivation in “trying to agitate in this manner” as “quite transparently self-serving.”

A spokesperson said: “Running our Community, keeping it prosperous and providing continued socio-economic development for our people is a much more serious business than Mr Feetham's "answers on a postcard" politics is ever likely to allow him to reflect. The Leader of the Opposition now seems to be promoting "Not In My Back Yard" (or "NIMBY") politics which - in Gibraltar's limited geography - is eventually going to lead him to a political dead end.”