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Feb 23 - Two Students From St Bernard's School Chosen For European Programme Calendar

Two students from St Bernard's first school have had their drawings chosen to be a part of a European programme's calendar. 

Under the European Commission’s Interreg SUDOE European Programme (South-West Europe), pupils were asked to produce drawings for the Programme’s 2018 calendar, making reference to the project in which these pupils were participating. Some Gibraltar schools submitted pictures based on their participation in the ClimACT project (sustainable schools - looking after our environment).

Two pupils from St Bernard’s First School had their pictures selected to be included in the  calendar. 

Inka Gronowska’s drawing is the back cover and Faith Medina’s is July.

Calendars are distributed amongst all countries participating in the SUDOE programme (Gibraltar, France, Spain and Portugal) so the fact that Gibraltar is represented through these ClimACT drawings is quite a significant and remarkable achievement.

Charles Collinson, who is the Director of the office that manages the funding of the SUDOE programme, has presented the school with copies of the calendar.