Eastern Beach Rescue After Man Falls Off Jetski

At around 17:40 yesterday afternoon the RGP’s marine crew was on patrol off Eastern Beach when they saw the rider of a jetski lose control and fall off.

The jetski had been travelling at high speed in a southerly direction at approximately one nautical mile from shore, when the officers saw the craft hit a wave and the rider, a local 40-year-old man, being ejected into the air before tumbling multiple times along the water’s surface before remaining motionless in the water.

The officers immediately made their way to the individual who was found floating on his back, conscious, but in extreme pain, unable to move and having difficulty breathing.

Due to the seriousness of the fall, one of the officers had to dive into the sea to secure the casualty and examine him for injuries before bringing him alongside the police interceptor vessel and lifting him out of the water.

The GHA Ambulance Service was contacted and arrangements were made for the casualty to be collected from Eastern beach. Once at the shore and due to concerns over possible internal injuries, the casualty was transferred to land and the waiting ambulance on a floating stretcher with the assistance of the Lifeguards and GHA personnel. The man was then conveyed to St Bernard’s Hospital where he received treatment for fractured ribs.

A spokesperson for the RGP issued the following warning: “With the advent of the summer weather and increased waterborne activity, the RGP would like to advise the public of the need to exercise caution when out at sea and take all appropriate safety precautions. It is particularly important to inform someone who can raise the alarm in the event of an accident of your intended whereabouts, expected return time and the need to always carry a means of calling for assistance, bearing in mind that mobile phones may not always have network coverage out at sea.”