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Government To Beautify Governor’s Parade

The Government has announced, as part of its urban renewal programme, it will be proceeding with the beautification of Governor's Parade, popularly known as the 'Piazella'. 

The works will include the replacing of the concrete benches, which will include some specifically designed to be accessible for wheelchairs users. New flooring, lighting, trees and planters will also form part of the extensive embellishment of the square. 

A statement from the Government follows below:

The project is one of the first Government projects to obtain formal planning permission under the new Town Planning Act. Works will be carried out in stages in order to allow access to the restaurants in the area and cause minimum disruption to residents. 

Works are scheduled to commence shortly. They will include the replacing of the trees, so the public need not be alarmed that the existing ones, mainly False Acacias in poor conditions, are removed. These will be replaced with mature plane trees, similar to those growing so successfully in Commonwealth Park, which are more suited to the location. Four trees will be removed and six will be planted in their place. In addition, there will be 18 planters with smaller shrubs. 

The Minister for Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage, John Cortes, who is responsible for Urban renewal, said: “I remember this square was last refurbished many years ago when I was a child, as I used to walk across it on my way to school. It was high time we renewed it. We are taking the opportunity of increasing the number of trees in the area. I am especially grateful to the proprietors of the establishments in the square who are fully supporting the refurbishment and working with us throughout, despite the inconvenience that they will suffer during the works. Once the works are completed I am sure Governor’s Square will once more become another hub of social and cultural activity in the heart of our City."