Freedom Gibraltar Says Electorate “Deserves Full Answers, Not Lip-Service”

Freedom Gibraltar, the group behind the recent protest at a car park overlooking Victoria Stadium, says they are saddened by what they see as the “failure” of the Government of Gibraltar to fully address the issues raised in its Press Release of April 1st. The group argues that while it is delighted that vaccines will not be made mandatory in Gibraltar, it believes that the Government and some local businesses are discriminating against those who have chosen not to have the COVID-19 vaccine.

A statement continued: “Whilst Freedom Gibraltar are delighted their recent Press Release has prompted the Government to announce that ‘Vaccines’ will not be made mandatory in Gibraltar, (as required in section 7.3.1 of The Council of Europe resolution 2361) they feel that this is a diversion tactic to distract the public as to why section 7.3.2 of the same resolution, which demands that authorities ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated’ has not been addressed following recent, highly public breaches.

“Under the aforementioned resolution, the group calls for Government to state on record that no further discrimination will be applied to those who are not ‘vaccinated’ against Covid-19 as has been the case recently, by way of restrictions of any kind and furthermore, as vaccines are not to be mandated, there need be no more speculation on requirement for proof of vaccination.

“Under Section 14.(1) of the Data Protection Act 2004, no business, organisation, individual or service (other than the person’s own physician) should be permitted to question any individual as to their private personal medical data, however we have had worrying reports of customers in bars and restaurants demanding to know personal staff vaccination status and some venue management being subjected to serious verbal abuse for protecting their legal right to privacy.”

The group says it is also “extremely concerned” by reports it claims it has received from Government employees who report being subjected to “coercive pressure” to be vaccinated under threat of “job losses, denial of promotion or non-renewal of regular contracts.” The group says that coercion by any means is unlawful, but using “thinly-veiled threats” to people’s very livelihoods in order to bypass the freedom of bodily autonomy not to undergo any medical intervention without informed consent is “unforgivable and cannot be tolerated.”

“Freedom Gibraltar asks the Government to make a public declaration to clarify that no more discrimination of any kind will be acceptable by any public or private business or organisation in Gibraltar, with special emphasis on Government Departments and sectors, in order to prevent the precedent of a divisive, two-tier society that is beginning to emerge.”

Freedom Gibraltar once again called for the removal of Director of Public Health Sohail Bhatti.

In response to questions from YGTV, the Government this afternoon said: “The allegations from this group are unfounded and untrue”.